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This is a ultra filtration controller

UF3020 a ultra filtration controller


The unit type UF3020 is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of ultra filtration plants. There are six possible stages : "Stand by", "Filtration", "Pre flush", "Flush 1", "Backwash" and "Flush 2". This unit can monitor several inputs: high switch for clean water tank, low level switch for raw water tank and an overpressure switch. Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options. The programmed configuration will be stored into non volatile memory and therefore not be affected by power loss.


  • User operated programming using double row of illuminated LCD display
  • Display text in English, French, German or Dutch
  • Adaption to user specific requirements by means of options programmable on site
  • 6 programmable stages
    • "Stand by"
    • "Filtration"
    • "Pre flush"
    • "Flush 1"
    • "Backwash"
    • "Flush 2"
  • with programmable times and activation of relay outputs
  • Extensive status report facility using information button
  • 3 digital inputs : high level clean watertank, low level raw water tank and overpressure
  • 3 relay outputs: free programmable for each stage
  • Secure from power failure as all data is stored long-term without battery
  • Efficient micro controller with watchdog, illegal operation code and cycle monitoring
  • Safeguarded from EMC by galvanic separation between microcontroller and in- and output circuits and also by additional interference suppression filter
  • Available for wall-mounting
  • Available (input /output) : 12VDC/12VDC, 24VDC/24VDC, 24VAC/24VAC, 115VAC/115VAC, 230VAC/230VAC
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