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Water treatment products

From water treatment controllers to conductivity probes and water analysis test kits, we manufacture and supply controllers, accessoires and chemical water analysis test kits to water treatment companies all over the world. We have a wide range of highly adaptable water treatment products for all kinds of applications like:

Water treatment controllers

All off our water treatment controllers designs are based on the following principles: Each type of controller should have the possibility to communicate with all the well-known brands of water conditioners with the same target of water treatment. Each type of controller should be to program easily. Each type of controller should have a text display with a minimum choice out of four languages.


We have capacitive and inductive conductivity cells with or without temperature measurement. If you want to change the configuration (programming) or to have direct control of a controller through a web browser, you will need our Internet key


For the of continuous analysis of water quality take a look at our water analysis test kits.