We are a leading company in the water treatment microprocessor manufacturing industry. Our products are devices specially designed for the water treatment industry.E.W.S. presents a new filter/softener water treatment controller: SFS8000E.W.S. presents a new cooling tower water treatment controller: CTS8000E.W.S. presents a new ultrafiltration water treatment controller: UFS8000Water treatment products | E.W.S | water treatment controllers - accessoires - chemical testkits


Accessoires, capacitive conductivity cells(probes with 2-electrode measuring principle) and inductive conductivity cells suitable to connect to the CTS8000.

Conductivity probes

EWS offers the best and most reliable capacitve an inductive conductivity probes with or without an integrated temperature probe. All our conductivity probes can be connected to all EWS water treatment controllers with conductivity meter.
  • SR25-1/ST25-1(Capacitive)

    The SR25-1 and ST25-1 conductivity cells are probes with 2-electrode measuring principle.The probe ST25-1 has an integrated temperature probe PT1000.

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  • SR25-5/ST25-5(Capacitive)

    The SR25-5 and ST25-5 conductivity cells are probes with 2-electrode measuring principle. The probe ST25-5 has a integrated temperature probe PT1000

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  • CTI-250(Inductive)

    The conductivity cell CTI-250 is an inductive conductivity cell with 0-10V output. This cell is suitable to connect to the control type CTI8000.

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