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Wall-mounted cooling tower controller with conductivity meter and level switch for the control of an inlet valve

AS3035 cooling tower controller a wall-mounted cooling tower controller with conductivity meter and level switch for the control of an inlet valve


The AS3035 (wall-mounted) cooling tower controller is designed for fully automatic monitoring and controlling of cooling tower systems. By means of an optional plug-in card IF2030, the control options can be further extended with one programmable input and two programmable outputs. Via plug-in card IF2030 an inlet valve can be controlled to add water to the system. The inlet valve is controlled by a level switch that can also be connected to the plug-in card. The controller is equipped with a conductivity meter.


  • User operated programming using double row of illuminated LCD display.
  • Display text in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish or Dutch.
  • Simple control utilizing easy to follow symbols.
  • Built-in audio signal for 9 programmable signal indicators.
  • Adaption to user specific requirements by means of options programmable on site.
  • Simple operation by means of a few clear operating symbols.
  • Locking of programming possible by use of a code number.
  • Flushing depending on water meter, conductivity and both water meter and conductivity.
  • Input of service telephone number.
  • Extensive status report facility using information button.
  • 2 inputs (fixed function) : water meter and dosing tank 1 empty.
  • 2 programmable inputs : block flushing, dosing tank 2 empty, stop.
  • 1 optional programmable input (IF circuit board) : level switch in tank, stop
  • Inputs programmable active open or closed.
  • 1 connection for conductivity sensor (cell constant programmable from 0,01 to 10,00 cm-1).
  • Manual temperature compensation.
  • 2 relay outputs with fixed function : flush valve (powered), dosing output (dry contact).
  • 1 programmable relay output (dry contact): shot dosing, alarm
  • 2 optional programmable relay outputs (dry contact): flush valve, shot dosing, alarm, flow pulse. (IF circuit board).
  • Output relay programmable active under current or not under current.
  • Secure from power failure as all data is stored long-term without battery.
  • Efficient micro controller with watchdog, illegal operation code and cycle monitoring.
  • Safeguarded from EMC by galvanic separation between microcontroller and in- and output circuits and also by additional interference suppression filter.
  • Available for wall mounting.
  • Available (input /output) : 24/24VAC, 115/115VAC, 230/230VAC, 115/24VAC, 230/24VAC
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