Water softener(filter) controller with touch panel and additional customizing options for the automatic control and monitoring of duplex and triplex softener/filter plants.

SFS8000 water softener controller for softener/filtering plants. Suitable for duplex and by expansion for triplex column installations


The SFS8000 water softener(filter) controller is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of softener/filtering plants. There are four possible stages : “Stand by“, “Service“, “Service Stop“, “Regeneration“. This controller can monitor flow, pressure and several inputs e.g. level switches, water meters, etc. Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options. The programmed configuration will be stored into non volatile memory and therefore not be affected by power loss. The standard version is suitable for duplex plants. The controller can also be expanded by an additional relay circuit board to be suitable for triplex plants.


  • Colour 7″ TFT display (800×480)
  • Control through touch panel
  • Language : English, French, German, Dutch
  • 8x Input for potential free switch
  • Expandable with (depending on total configuration):
    • 16x Input for potential free switch
    • 12x input 0(4)-20mA(Flow, pressure, temperature and tank level)
  • 8x Relay output (powered)
  • 6x Relay output (dry contact)
  • >Optional circuit boards for e.g. 3rd filter:
    • 7 Additional relay outputs (4x powered / 3x dry contact)
    • 6x output 0(4)-20mA (recorder)
  • Last twenty alarm messages will be stored.
  • Real time clock with &qout;lifetime&qout; battery.
  • Programming will be stored and not be affected by power loss.
  • Software updates
  • Programming (Save and Load)
  • Data log, Process log and Alarm log
  • RS485 (data log formats : CSV)
  • RS232 (data log formats : CSV)
  • Webserver
    • visualisation (schematic)
    • configuration
    • download log files on SD Card
  • Email messages (alarm)
  • Suitable for wall mounting, panel mounting and plate mounting
  • IP65
  • 24 VAC input/(output = input or extern)
  • 115 VAC input/(output = input or extern)
  • 230 VAC input/(output = input or extern)
  • *) 115 VAC input/24 VAC output
  • *) 230 VAC input/24 VAC output
  • *) 240 VAC input/24 VAC output
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Embedded software

Hex file(s) for updating the controller

Simulation software

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