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A wall mounted ultrafiltration controller with six possible stages which can monitor several inputs

UF3020 a ultrafiltration controller with six possible stages which can monitor several inputs


The UF3020 ultrafiltration controller is used to fully automatically monitor and control very simple ultra filtration water treatment systems. With six possible stages this wall mounted controller can monitor several inputs like high switch for clean water tank, low level switch for raw water tank and an overpressure switch.


  • User operated programming using double row of illuminated LCD display
  • Display text in English, French, German or Dutch
  • Adaption to user specific requirements by means of options programmable on site
  • 6 programmable stages
    • "Stand by"
    • "Filtration"
    • "Pre flush"
    • "Flush 1"
    • "Backwash"
    • "Flush 2"
  • with programmable times and activation of relay outputs
  • Extensive status report facility using information button
  • 3 digital inputs : high level clean watertank, low level raw water tank and overpressure
  • 3 relay outputs: free programmable for each stage
  • Secure from power failure as all data is stored long-term without battery
  • Efficient micro controller with watchdog, illegal operation code and cycle monitoring
  • Safeguarded from EMC by galvanic separation between microcontroller and in- and output circuits and also by additional interference suppression filter
  • Available for wall mounting
  • Available (input /output) : 12VDC/12VDC, 24VDC/24VDC, 24VAC/24VAC, 115VAC/115VAC, 230VAC/230VAC
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